So, when we’re bored and our brain is looking for that dopamine hit, it can often recall that alcohol was a past source of reward. That’s why we might find ourselves reaching for drinking out of boredom a drink when we’re simply sitting and not doing much. I’m not suicidal, I’m just extremely unhappy and alcohol was a way out for me; a bandaid to mask whatever was/is going on.

It is not boredom, you just haven’t filled that time yet. After awhile your brain will adapt to the high levels of dopamine because it wants to stay in balance and not have a ton of dopamine released all the time. It does this by making it hard for dopamine to bind to it’s receptors. The reward system becomes desensitized and you need more alcohol to get the same desired effect.

Seeking Treatment

Narrowing from a societal view to an individual one, my clinical experience suggests the triggers for drinking are varied. Negative emotions are certainly on this list, such as feeling nervous attending a social event, particularly after the mandated social withdrawal of the pandemic. Also, sadness, anger, frustration, and even boredom can turn our attention to a cocktail. There was a moment where I got pretty excited about this.

We also have a much more evolved part of our brain to help us – the rational logical brain – also known as the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a “nonprofessional, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical” program for alcoholics that’s global and available almost everywhere. The more alcohol you drink, the more difficult it is to make rational decisions.

How to Stop Drinking When Bored

It doesn’t care about our future self or our dreams and goals. Some people take medication to treat alcoholism and other treatment methods simultaneously to stay sober. The liver can only process one serving of alcohol per hour. If you start drinking beyond this limit, your body will need more time to process it. BetterHelp offers affordable mental health care via phone, video, or live-chat.

why do i drink when im bored

Clinically, Warren has developed a therapeutic skillset that utilizes a strengths-based perspective, Twelve Step philosophies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Facing your unhappy thoughts can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to need a break or a distraction from time to time. But you should turn to other, more productive ways to cope with your boredom that won’t be detrimental to your health. As humans, we’re meant to experience the full spectrum of positive and negative emotions – that’s how we’re designed. There can be a bit of stigma around boredom, but it can also fuel so much creativity.

Is Drinking Alone A Sign of Depression?

First of all, boredom has a lot to do with your energy levels, so if you’ve got a lot of energy and you have no way of expending it, if you’re sitting around you’ll going to feel bored. If you’re nice and relaxed you’re not really too bothered about what’s going on in the outside environment then you’re not likely to be bored. Drinking alone regularly and excessively could be an early sign of alcohol use disorder (AUD). If you are aware that you have a problem with alcohol, there are several available treatment options and methods to help you.

why do i drink when im bored

Some drink for pleasure or at social events, while others find themselves drinking for no reason at all.. Regardless of the intent, there are significant health implications that arguably make alcohol the most dangerous substance on the market. An estimated 15 million people throughout the U.S. struggle with alcohol use disorder, but only 10% receive treatment. Alcoholism profoundly affects the entire body, especially the brain, heart, pancreas, mouth, liver, and the immune system. Despite its negative impacts, more Americans than ever consume alcohol regularly, especially women and minorities.

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